Southern Oaks Jersey Farm = Your local, raw milk supplier!!!
 Where milk is...
 We are growing and it is all thanks to our customers who continue to support us since beginning in January 2011.  As we grow we plan to update, tweek, and change our website to promote our products and fit the needs of our customers. We would love for you to drop us a line via email to let us know what you think of our product, ask questions, and/or give ideas for how to make changes to the website to better our business.
A little background...       
Southern Oaks Jersey Farm is a small, all-Jersey dairy farm located in rural Abbeville County.  We have been in business for over 20 years and began selling raw milk to consumers in Abbeville and its surrounding areas in January 2011. When the raw milk business took off after only a few months, customers began to inquire about the possibility of turning our quality milk into a pasteurized product. After months of planning and preparing we are happy to inform you that Grade A, Whole Pasteurized milk is now avaiable, along with Chocolate and Buttermilk!! If you are ever in the Abbeville/Greenwood/Due West area and would like to purchase Grade A, all-Jersey, Farm-Fresh Milk, we hope that you will consider calling and stopping by.
Thanks for coming, enjoy your visit!
Call and ask to speak to Mark or Dana- (864) 391-1898- or email us at
1458 Hwy. 20 Abbeville, SC 29620
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